Studying is the sole objective of the students, and the administration has put in place the necessary facilities and accompanies each student to reach the objective whereby patient recovery remains our pride. Studies in the Catholic School of Health Sceinces embody both theory and practical work both in the adjoining St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital Shisong and in outreach Health Centers. Continous assessment and the final exams, set by the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health, equally follow these two trends.  A research paper on an approved topic is written at the end of the course. While students could take notes during lectures, the teachers’ notes are available for photocopying.

Religious Excercises

Our School is Catholic, the population is always diverse and  inter-religious; therefore, it exercises religious freedom in all aspects. Students are therefore expected to worship according to your faith on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and are  free to attend Church services out of the school on Sundays. On other days in school, a common morning prayer services are compuslory for all the students. Religious extremist activities are highly prohibited here as they will hinder yours and general academic progress. The Eucharistic Celebrations (Catholic tradion) are organized twice a week on campus, and non-Catholic students are invited to attend.

A three-day annual retreat, organized by the School Administration, is compulsory for every student.

Residence life

Students at the Catholic School of Health Sciences have the option to live in the dormitory or at home.  Provisions are made for a healthy life in the dormitories; however the students will bring the following personal items:

  • Cooking Utensils including a gas cooker or kerosene stove. (There is also provision for fire wood cooking)
  • Two pad locks
  • A warm blanket
  • A pair of uniformed bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases

There is a student cafeteria where food can be bought or served on special meal plan to be negotiated with the cafeteria attendant.

Your immediate environment contributes strongly to your health, growth, and development. You need to bring a hoe (women), cutlass (men), 2 floor rags, Toilet tissues, and buckets. We appeal that you bring just the basic needs because there is no space in the dormitories to take more than 20kg of luggage.

Ethical Conduct

Students will sign a contract of good behaviour, which they are obliged to keep as well as the school’s Internal Rules and Regulations. Fighting is not acceptable in this institution, and indulging in such activity will be sanctioned by immediately dismissal.