The Entrance Exams into State Registered Nursing, Midwifery and Laboratory Technicians is launched each year by Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health by May. Thereafter, interested candidates begin to compile the documents to write the exams.  The following are the documents usually expected to be deposited at our Secretariat:

  1. A form (to be received from the School Secretariat)
  2. A hand-written application
  3. Certified copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Certified copy of required diploma (Certificate). Basically, A-Level’s Certificate is required for those registering for State Registered Nursing, Midwifery and Laboratory. O’Level’s Certificate is required for candidates registering for Nursing Assistants. Please note that the Ministry has newly granted a 3-year Midwifery Program to the Institution.
  5. Certificate of Non-Conviction
  6. Certified Copy of the National Identity Card (for Cameroonians)
  7. Medical Certificate
  8. Presentation of original copies of certificates
  9. Examination Fee of 10,000 FCFA payable to the School
  10. Self-addressed stamped envelop. The postal stamp should be 1000 FCFA and could be bought from the Post Office.

The Entrance examinations is usually written by July  in any of the Regional Headquarters. Preparatory classes for the examinations are always organized at our Campus.