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The blessings of good companions on the improvement of our services to the people cannot be overemphasized.  From inception, so many persons have contributed ideas, material, finances, skills, morale, etc; that has led the facility to its present stature.  Notwithstanding, we prefer to acknowledge some large scale collaborators and their contributions:

The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in the General Administration in Rome and the Province of Brixen. They supported the challenging construction activity and do find funding for needy patients.

Associazione Cuore Fratello, Onlus 

It was founded by Don Claudio Maggioni, who is the initiator of the Cardiac Center. The Association


  • Welcomed and sponsored Cameroonian patients who formerly went for heart surgery in San Donato Policlinic; 
  • Provided lodging for Cameroonian students on training in San Donator Policlinic;
  • Contributed for the construction of the Cardiac Center, 
  • Volunteer numerous technical, consultancy and hospitality services, 
  • Finds funding to sponsor the cardiac surgery of the underprivileged patients
  • Members of the Association have published works of the Cardiac Center: 

  • The local branch of Cuore Fratello is called Brotherly Heart, Cameroon
  • Associazione Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo, onlus (Milan)

It was one of the first Association that Don Claudio contacted to discuss his dream of the Cardiac Center, and fortunately they accepted to contribute their technical expertise in cardiology and cardiac surgery.  Infact, Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo together with Cuore Fratello and the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, and Bishop Angelo Pagano are considered as the Founding Bodies of the Cardiac Center. The Association has been committed to:

Sitting in planning meetings (Technical Committee) of the Cardiac Center

  • Professional training of Cameroonian candidates for the Cardiac Center
  • Provision of up-to-date equipment and technologies for cardiology and cardiac surgery: equipping two ICU wards, two theaters, angiograph, and various mechanical plants
  • Several cardiac surgery missions to Cameroon under the organization of Dr. Alessandro Giamberti and Prof. Silvia Cirri.

Cameroon Government

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