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International Medical Class in Bremen

At the invitation of Dr. Matthias Angres, CEO and Founder of RobinAid Foundation in Germany, an 8-person team from the Cardiac Center participated at the international medical class, organised within the context of the Bremen annual Symposium for internal medicines.

Together with other partners of RobinAid from Afghanistan, Senegal, Egypt, Italy, Cameroon and Germany, participants explored general and internal medicines topics with renown presenters from different Countries. 

Some of the general topics presented were: international migration movement: reflections on the causes, challenges and opportunities; the mission of Sea-Eye: People have to be found in order to be rescued; From history to present: causes and impact of human migration; Africa’s future is Europe’s future: plea for a partnership in fairness and respect; where you live should not determine whether you live or whether you die.

Topics related to internal medicines: Critical care in Sub-Sahara Africa: the situation of critical care nursing practice in Cameroon; state-of-the-art medical services according to international quality standards: 10 years of experience in establishing the first Central African center in cardiology, cardiac surgery and critical care; Sepsis in Africa: what we know and what we should know; reducing neonatal mortality in Africa: high efforts are still necessary; Understanding of monitoring principles, systems and techniques in paediatric critical care; monitoring of the hemodynamic and respiratory status: which parameters need to be monitored continuously?; the relevance of venous oximetry, lactate and acid base as a hemodynamic monitor and markers of cellular perfusion; stop vampirism: blood testing in managing the critically ill child; point of care ultrasound in paediatric critical care; anticipation prevention, recognition, evaluation, and management of post-procedure complications in paediatric cardiac patients; transfusion policies in paediatric cardiac patients: do they need more red blood cell transfusions than other critically ill children? losing the beat: critical cardiac rhythm disturbances in postoperative cardiac children; inflammation vs infection: postoperative fever in paediatric cardiac patients; acute kidney injury following paediatric cardiac surgery: do we have strategies for prevention; quality and performance improvement in paediatric critical care; continuous learning and quality improvement: nursing in the paediatric cardiac critical care unit in the Aswan Heart Center; system strategies to improve patient safety and error prevention: learning from high risk industries; the well-kept chaos: handover of paediatric cardiac surgery patients to the critical care unit.



Cardiac Center Partners Meet in Rome

The Italian and German partners of the St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital Cardiac Center recently met in Rome to discuss ways of redeeming the Hospital that stands at high risk of dysfunction due to the socio-political unrest in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. 

These NGOs who have dedicated enormous resources to the construction, equipment and maintenance of the structure condemn the ongoing crisis.

Among the decisions arrived at is the evacuation of critically ill children from Cameroon to San Donato Milanese for cardiac surgery, an activity that Shisong had weaned 10 years ago with the inauguration of the Cardiac Center. 

The Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis hail the dedication of these partners to saving the lives of Cameroon even as the right to life is highly compromised by the ongoing war.

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