Be a Happy Woman

The two Gynaecologist and departmental staff work relentlessly to ensure that old, new clients and referral cases are given the needed medical attention. Weekly Thursday classes serve as a forum for upgrading of knowledge and skills in gynaco-obstetric practice. In a bid to bring these highly needed services closer to the population, this unit organises outreach consultations to other TSSF health facilities according to the needs of the population.


Some of the challenges we deal with include: the struggle to convince women with previous caesarean scar to avoid getting into active labour, presence of un-booked women who come at last minute for delivery, clients unable to pay their bills especially deliveries through caesarean section, intoxication with traditional medicines by pregnant women with the false belief of easing labour pains.


To deter these incidences, we continue with health education at the Infant Welfare Clinic (IWC), increase collaboration and organize educative seminars with health center staff, encouraging them to do referrals promptly


Mother and Child Care is concerned with women in pregnancy and gestation as well as babies from 0 to 12 months through health education, vaccination for immunization, etc within the Hospital and in six Health Centers under our supervision. The outreach posts are mostly found in the Kumbo East District (Mvem, Wainamah, Kingomen, Ntoh) and beyond (Banten, Kouram and Sabongida).

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