Clients in need of further investigation or treatment are hospitalized. The doctors follow up patients in the wards, monitor their progress, adjust prescriptions and discharge. The wards operate on a 24/24 every day of the week and on public holidays. Clients have the option to stay in a general or private ward.

Children’s Ward: Patients come in with problems; such as malaria, diet deficiencies or other childhood illnesses. Looking after sick babies requires special qualities and skills. The paediatrician consults daily and follows up the admitted patients.

 Female’s  Medical Ward: This is a 52 beds ward with 3 private rooms (with two beds each) treating women with medical conditions.

General Ward: We care for the young and old, male and female with conditions such as tuberculosis, measles, chicken pox, tetanus, chronic wounds, and to a lesser extend, third degree fire burns.

Gynecological Ward: The Gynecologist consults, performs surgeries, admits, treats and follows up women with related problems. Most women consult for fertility problems.

Maternity: This ward has 37 beds with 2 private wards (having two beds each), a room for premature babies, 4 delivery beds and one examination bed. We have 3 incubators.  We deliver approximately 1.200 babies a year including a number of multiple births. We give advice on the care of the babies and immunizations. Babies have their first immunization and male babies are circumcised before discharge.

Male Medical Ward: This ward has 52 beds with one private ward, and treats men with medical conditions.

Surgical Ward: It has 5 private rooms. Major tasks on this ward include preparation of patients for surgery and post-operative care to ensure quick recovery.