Diagnostic Facilities

The importance of correct diagnosis for successful treatment cannot be over-emphasized. We make an effort to make accurate diagnosis in order to identify and treat the illnesses.


Samples of stool, urine, blood, skin, sputum and other body fluids are tested. Its staff covers 24/24 hours. The new cyto-pathology laboratory is a remarkable step ahead in our diagnostic efforts, particularly diagnosis of cervical cancer.


The X-ray department came into existence in 1974. It operates 24 hourly on daily basis. The Department is equipped with two Machines—Atak (1974) and Ketromak (2006) as well as an electric processor that develops and dries films within 5 minutes. We perform X-rays ranging from simple to special examination like Hysterosalpingography (HSG) Intravenous plyclograph (IVP) Barium Meal and Enema, Fotocography, urethrography and Hydrotubation.

The parts of the body that we X-ray include the chest, spine, lower extremities, upper extremities, skull, pelvis and abdomen. It is staffed by three Radiographers.

Ultrasound and X-ray:

This diagnostic service uses two ultrasound machines, one of which is used exclusively for obstetric cases.