We carry out dental examinations, MF X-ray, conservative treatment (fillings), periodontology and treatment of paradontopathy  (scaling etc.), prophylaxis, root canal treatment (RCT), extractions, surgeries (extraction of impacted teeth), inter maxillo fixation, wiring, tooth abscess treatment (i.e. incision ), prosthesis (full or partial dentures) and pre-formed metal crowns.

Shisong Eye Centre (SEC):

We examine, treat and issue lenses daily.

Diabetic Clinic

(Coordinated by Dr. Chouibou Nchare and Tachea Roger)

With the increasing number of persons diagnosed with diabetes, we set up the clinic which meets once a week to check weight, examine the patients, and give health education and advice on identifying diabetes, diet, treatment drugs and avoiding hypoglycaemic attacks.

Primary Health Care (PHC)

(Coordinated by Sr. Virginia Shula)

The PHC is responsible for health education to pregnant and nursing women as well as primary health care for babies through drama, songs and dance. This department is also responsible for out station health visits to remote clinics affiliated to Shisong Hospital. We have 6 Outreach clinics at a distance between 5 and 125 KM from Shisong.

Since the beginning of 2013, outreach clinics have been intensified especially in the Kumbo East District. Each visit is headed by a physician who consults everybody and conveys or refers very serious patients to the Hospital.

Tuberculosis Unit

(Coordinated by Dr.Wandji Kounougo Rene and Miss Mary Electa Lybarfe)

The TB program entails diagnoses, treatment and follow-up of patients.  Case detection and cure rate are generally high, reflecting the excellent care rendered in the TB Ward.  Irrespective of the challenges, the success of the TB program this year was due to the team spirit of the members in diagnosing, treating and follow-up of patients.  Dr. Alexis Cambanis, a specialist in tropical medicines, still visited the Hospital this year from his new settlement in England.


(Coordinated by Sr. Petra Muso)

Physiotherapy201306 1 023This department started in 2012  and opens its doors to neurological and orthopedic patients. With the putting in place of the Cardiac Center in Shisong, the physiotherapy department handles patients with strokes resulting from heart diseases. Other problems managed by this department are general strokes, back and joint disorders, spinal cord damages  from accidents and TB,  paralysis from meningitis and patients with amputated limbs. Proper stump management is done on patients with amputated legs in order to prepare them for artificial legs. The physiotherapy department handles about sixteen (16)  clients a day.