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Upcoming Cardiac Surgical Mission from June 21-28, 2017

The Cardiac Center will play host to a Pediatric Surgical Mission from San Donato Policlinic Milan, Italy. Many children are in line for Open Heart Surgery. The Resident team is bracing up to receive its counterparts for the upcoming Mission.


Private Visit of the Italian Ambassador to Cameroon H.E. Samuela Isopi to the Cardiac Center: May 26 – 27, 2017

This was a quiet visit that remains really memorable. According to Her Excellency Samuela Isopi, she wanted a working session that would give her and her host the chance to exchange profoundly. It was so interactive.












Upcoming Cardiac Surgeries

The Cardiac Center of the St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital Shisong as per the program below would perform both paediatric and adult surgeries in August and October 2013. This unique Center in the Central Africa Sub Region has demystified access to cardiac surgery and therapy by bringing closer to the people these resources. Consultations and referrals are welcome.

  1. August 12th – September 12, adult cardiac mission (Dr. Charles/Dr. Milocco)
  2. August 23rd – September 03rd, paediatric cardiac mission (Mozambican team)
  3. October 7th till December, Adult mission (Dr. Charles/Dr. Ellen)

2013 World Blood Donor Day Commemorated

The people of Kumbo, Cameroon joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Blood Donor Day on June 14. This year’s theme ‘Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood’ caBlood donation march 1rried the very essence of blood donation.   Two main associations in Kumbo – Pelican Voluntary Blood Donors Association of the Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong alongside its counterpart Good Samaritan Association of the Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) pulled together blood donors, blood recipients, medical and paramedical workers, youth, men and women of all walks of life to discuss blood donation and reinforce this activity. These Blood Donor Associations are part of the National Voluntary Blood Donors Organization duly recognized in Cameroon by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya by Decree No 2013/100 of 5th April 2013.

The Tobin Roundabout played host to health stakeholders punctuated with great beats of the Kumbo Council Band. The Band conveyed these stakeholders to the Kumbo Squares for a talk on Blood Donation – the need for safe blood and blood products. In line with the World Health Organization’s objective, voluntary unpaid blood donors were complimented on their lifeBlood donation march 2-saving gifts of blood. The general public was drilled on the value of donating blood to the patient, not only in saving life, but also in helping people live longer and more productive lives.

The Pelican Voluntary Blood Donors Association, medical and paramedical staff of Shisong Hospital and some people of goodwill  left the Kumbo Squares through the Nso Palace for a brief and courtesy visit to the traditional authority –‘Fon’ and then unto St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital for other health talks. The Hospital Administration received the chanting crowd animated by the Kumbo Council Band. Discussions followed and more resolutions arrived at in a bid to achieve great results.

 2013 World Blood Donor Day – June 14

Theme – Give the Gift of Life: Donate Blood


Place: Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong – Cameroon

Week’s Activities

June 7 to 14 – Talks on “Voluntary Blood Donation” on Local Radio Stations in Bui Division

The Day Proper – June 14

  • 8:30am  – Assembly of Voluntary Blood Donors at Kumbo Squares
  • Opening Prayers by Melim Voluntary Blood Donors
  • Talk on Advantages of Blood Donation
  • March Past from Kumbo Squares through the Fon’s Palace to St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong
  • 10:30am – Singing of Cameroon National Anthem by Kumbo Council Band
  • A Word of Welcome from Hospital Administration
  • A Word from Chief Medical Officer of Saint Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong
  • A Talk on 2013 World Blood Donor Day
  • A Word from the President of the Pelican Blood Donor Association
  • Reports from Zones
  • Refreshments
  • Dance – Dance – Dance
  • 3:00pm – Closing and Departure

Preparations for the World Heart Day Celebration

As th lone Center in Cameroon, the Cardiac Center can’t be indifferent to the celebration of World Heart Day by the  international community.  The theme:  “one world, one home, one heart” inspires global participation.  Activities marking this celebration in the Cardiac Center are as follows:

  • Bringing cardiovascular services closer to the people of the Western Region of Cameron on September 27 and 28.  For the very first time, cardiac screening / consultation is organized in collaboration with the Diocesan Health Coordinator of Bafoussam, to take place at Njunang Medicalised Health Center. Both in 2010 and 2011, the Western Region scored the third position in order of majority attendance in the Cardiac Center. It is not yet clear if the reason for this high score is prevalence of cardiovascular diseases in the West or proximity of the West to Shisong.
  • The Archbishop Paul Verdzekov Memorial Heart Foundation has also collaborated with the Cardiac Center to organize a local celebration. At the Kumbo / Shisong level, the celebration culminates on Friday, September 28 with health talks and physical exercises. All the Secondary / High Schools in Shisong Parish have been invited to participate.
  • The plan to screen children in all the Primary Schools of Bui for Acute Rheumatic Fever cannot materialize due to absence of sponsors; unfortunately.

Preparations to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Milan-Shisong Collaboration

While Cuore Fratello Association, one of our key partners, celebrates 10th Anniversary of existence, the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis rejoice in the 10th Anniversary of collaboration with Cuore Fratello and Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo. These are the two Italian Associations that have continuously supported the Tertiary Sisters to bring to birth and to sustain the Cardiac Center. It is not every collaboration that yields fruits; so we have a reason to celebrate.

The event will be marked by a Scientific Conference on November 16 and a Holy Mass on November 17, 2012. You are Invited. Program of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Milan-Shisong Collaboration

Inauguration of the New Integrated Day Care Center

Working from “hand to mouth” for two years, the Matron has finally completed the two storey building that will serve as the treatment Center, Primary Health Care and hysto-pathology laboratory. The staff and well-wishers turned up for the Holy Mass celebrated in one of the halls and congratulated the Matron for her trust in Providence that has resulted in the edifice. Support for the complete equipment of the rooms is highly sollicited.

Maiden Visit of the Governor of the North West Region

The Governor of the North West Region, Mr. Adolfe Lele l’Afrique, visited Shisong Hospital Cardiac Center to appreciate one of the medical reference points of the Region, a few months after his appoint. The staff, in-patients and students from the Catholic School of Health Sciences came out boldly on that July 4 to welcome and orientate him on their activities and mission.

Eye Specialist, At Last

Dr. Njikam Jude Eric, Ophthalmologist, resumed work in Shisong Hospital on May 1, 2012 breaching the 10 year gap of no eye specialist.  He has the well-directed vision of raising the Shisong Eye Clinic to standard. He hopes his clients will benefit from the Vision 20/20 program and sponsorship from the Bavarian Lion’s Club regarding the provision of the necessary machinery and equipment.  “Surely, this department will grow” was Dr. Eric’s affirmation, noting, though, the existence of some challenges. His sensitization strategy is clear; “we have to be different by our client services and expertise, of course. Having high-end medical devices is not enough; fortunately we have the necessary good spirit for making our work speak.” Given the necessary equipment, Dr. Eric expects to perform all  kinds of eye surgery, including cornea grafting, which will be a unique offer from Shisong to the Cameroonian population. Collaboration towards this realization will culminate with the visit of the Bavarian Team to Shisong in November.

The Nairobi / Bavarian trained ophthalmologist is primarily concerned about the poor who are unable to come to the Hospital, in the first place. He is prepared to move towards them for general screening and management of their illnesses.  From his short experience, he confirms the common eye pathologies diagnosed: refractive errors, cataracts, allergies, glaucoma, and retinitis-related to HIV/AIDS.

Labour Day Celebration

The Staff of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Shisong claimed the celebration of the joy of working as they joined the rest of the workers from Bui Division at a March Pass at the Kumbo municipal studio. Each department carried a placard or slogans, which demonstrated the numerous medical and para-medical services the Hospital offers as well as its vision. The Hospital Administration used the chance to remind the population gathered of the necessity of performing a cardiac screening every year, especially those who are 40 years and above. They also invited the women to consider the screening for cervical cancer at itsnew cyto-pathology laboratory. Early detection guarantees successful management.

Annual Scientific Day

The culture of medical conferences in St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital has been cherished since 2009 whereby the first of its kind was organized during the inauguration of the Cardiac Center. This year’s conference is scheduled for November 18, 2011 in the Cardiac Center Hall beginning at 1 p.m. Prominent personalities to be present will be Dr. Alessandro Giamberti, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon from San Donato Policlinic, Milan (Italy) and surgical team;  Dr. David Chelo, Cardiologist from the Chantal Biya Hospital, Yaounde; the Chief Medical Officer for Kumbo East and the staff of Shisong Hospital. Interesting scientific presentations will be made at the Scientific Day November 2011.

The celebration of the Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary (November 17), Patron Saint of the Hospital, shall culminate with the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of presence of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Shisong. This anniversary touches Shisong Hospital directly because the arrival of the five Sisters from Brixen, Italy, directly gave birth to the remote beginning of the Hospital in 1936. Everyone associated with Shisong Hospital is invited to give thanks to God who blessed its growth over the years.

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