Opthalmology Department

The present of Dr. Litika Siben, ophthalmologist, has greatly expanded the eye services. Thanks also to the visiting team from Visio Sense Fronteres VSF – (Spain) who come once a year for cataract surgery and to Help Your Neighbour Organisation in Holland. Mobile eye clinics are also on the rise; the Shisong Center plans on opening other eye Centers in strategic sites around the Country. In partnership with Vision Sans Frontier (VSF) the eye clinic successfully operated 269 cases at a subsidized cost. 

The commonest eye diseases diagnosed here include: conjunctivitis (all types), presbyopia and other refractive errors, cataracts, traumas, iritis/uveitis, pterygiums, foreign bodies.

We don’t only consult and treat (surgically and non-surgically), but we can follow you up to your village.  Our collaboration with Visio sens Frontieres (Spain) and Help Your Neighbour (Holand) is lifting us to meet the needs of our people in the most cost-effective way.

In the light of our hospital’s mission statement, the goal of the project is to improve upon the sight of the people we are called to serve by rendering quality and affordable services.  Our objectives are:

           To build the basic educational / awareness creation campaigns tailored on proper eye care

           To equip the Eye Department with equipment that meet the required standards 

           To train school/community health workers on early diagnosis of eye related problems

           To foster research and publications in the area of ophthalmology especially at the Catholic School of Health Sciences.



To meet our goal and objectives, the following activities are carried out regularly:

  • Daily consultation
  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation of outreaches
  • School eye health program implementation
  • Hospital eye health education at the OPD
  • Refraction
  • Glazing and provision of eye glasses
  • Provision of low vision services
  • Eye surgeries
  • Comprehensive glaucoma care
  • Human resource development through training


In the addition to this package, we aim at developing the services in relation to:

  • Central visual field analyzer
  • Filtration surgery

Required equipment:

  • Perimetry visual field analyzer
  • Yag laser
  • Coaxial light operating microscope
  • Glaucoma surgical set

First thing, get your eyes screened regularly in case you are developing some illness.

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