Laboratory & Dentistry

Given that a problem diagnosed is half-solved, the Laboratory Unit carries out different investigations at the request of the physicians. The staff upgrade their knowledge through the Thursday classes and participation in seminars organized by some collaborators, such as Biologie sans Frontier. Students on internship from various Higher institutes of learning are welcome into the department. The main lab collaborates with the blood bank and other laboratories in the Institution.


There is need to obtain new automated biochemistry analyser and a five-part differential haematology analyser.

Cytopathology unit

To step up risk control, most pregnant women who attend booking clinic are also screened for cervical cancer (Pap test). This has gone a long way to improve the health of these women as apart from squamous intraepi-thelial lesions and HPV infections, additional infections such as bacterial vaginosis, fungal infections (Candida albicans), trichomoniasis and others have been identified and treated. More women are gradually getting informed on the importance of regular cervical cancer screening as the major way of its prevention. The year 2017 witnessed an increase in women turnout from 684 women in 2016 to 987 in 2017 just for cervical cancer alone.


There is urgent need for colposcopy and the services of a pathologist or upgrade knowledge on histopathology as all histo-technological techniques are already in place to begin with biopsies which is very vital for the patients.


The Dental Unit renders routine dental services to the clients who came for outpatient consultation as well as the hospitalized cases. We welcome students on internship from some higher training Institute. Our major partner in this unit is the “Friends of Cameroon” Association in La Crosse, USA, who support with capacity building and provision of material and equipment.


Procedures carried out include: caries, filling, scaling, complete and partial dentures plus repairs, abscesses, sensitive teeth, extractions, periodontitis, etc.

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