Created in 1954 as a midwifery school through the initiative of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis, to meet the increasing staffing needs of the St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital. On the 1st of February 1954, 12 pioneer candidates set out on an 18 months training course as grade two midwives in the then Catholic Private School of Nursing and Midwifery. This course later succeeded by the training of Nursing Aiders and then the Brevete Nursing (State enrolled Nurses and State enrolled midwives). The School evolved to the training of State Registered Nurses in 1998 following Decree no 142/JI/MINEDUC/DEP and No 0140/MSP/DS/SPF from the Ministry of Public Health. This same year, the Brevete Nursing program was renamed the Nursing Assistants program. In September 2004, following another Arrete fromt eh Ministry of Public Health, the School engaged in the training of Laboratory Technicians. Financially, the State Registered Midwives as opposed to the Brevete Midwives of 1954. The Birth of more specialties made the name very cumbersome and therefore the school was officially renames, The Catholic School of Health Sciences, Shisong.


The School trains candidates recruited through the Government Concour. We also train in-service candidates recommended by Health Institutions of the TSSF, Confessional institutions or Private Institutions. These receive an attestation for the school upon completion, and are meant to be deployed in their various centers of origin.

Programs Offered:

Nursing Assistants (9 months)

State Registered Laboratory Technicians (3 years)

State Registered Midwives (3 years)

State Registered Nurses (3 years)


The next concour will be written on the 4th of August, 2018. Registration is currently going on. Interested candidates should contact the School for registration formalities or go to concoursminsante.cm for more information and online registration.


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