Heart Foundation News

“Such a positive initiative deserves to be supported by every right-thinking person”

Excellency Fai Francis Yengo made the call on June 18, 2013 at his maiden visit to the Archbishop Paul Verdzekov Memorial Heart Foundation office in Shisong, in which he has been an active Paton since 2011.  By the time the Heart Foundation invited him to membership, he didn’t hesitate to express surprise at “having been left out” of the Cardiac Center project for so long. Notwithstanding, he is “ready to go headlong in working for the Foundation”, he promised while offering his time, resources and energies “from the heart”.

Rare and strange to find someone so willing to support, the young Heart Foundation offered the then Governor of the Littoral Region numerous tasks, which he has been working on. “We  knew you had difficulties; we don’t have a lot, but we could support with the little we have;” expressed the Patron.

The Heart Foundation has just a two-year history, which is the Patron finds satisfactory. “I feel extremely proud to be associated with something so good, and I pray for more strength to forge ahead.”

He challenged the Heart Foundation Executive, however, to share its efforts with the widest public so that other good people can “come to know the good that is done here and be a part of.” He said this as he expressed passion for the growth of the Foundation, which he takes as an obligation–the public working together to serve the public, “everybody”, he explained.

The Patron is not only talking, but personally making significant steps towards empowering the Heart Foundation to attain its objectives of offering every cardiac patient the opportunity to have a heart surgery.

The deep breadth taken after finally catching up with Excellency Fai Francis Yengo, a reputable pioneer patron of the Heart Foundation couldn’t be exaggerated.  Even though we didn’t meet for the past two years, his presence  remained real, with a multiplier effect.