Join a group that makes real things happen for others through healthcare sponsorship! We are poised to sponsor/subsidize surgery cost of ten (10) patients before the end of 2011. Do not minimize your ability because many others share your passion and concern, and are “holding the other side of the robe to tie this huge bundle;” you are not alone!

It’s easy to become a member! Call, email or just visit our office at the Shisong Hospital Campus. Membership is open to nationals and non-nationals.

View and join our Membership List today.

Founding Members: Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and Capuchin Friars, Cameroon

Honorary members: Government /religious official, an overseer in a recognized institution or organization, when in office.

Patrons: These are benefactors or those who contribute regularly and seek continuous financial benefit for the foundation. They are consultants for decision-making.  Registration is 5,000 FCFA.

Registered members: Those who have written their names and donate regularly. Registration: 5000

We are proud of our members, mature persons who work with their hearts and make a difference beyond measure!


"Each of us can do a little thing to make the contribution big enough to save a life." Mr/Mrs Wiysenyuy Julius

Members of the Heart Foundation shall receive regular updates of the events of the Heart Foundation, and based on category (patron or honorary), shall be consulted in major decisions of the Foundation; thus these shall have an administrative voice in the Foundation.

Membership cards shall be served to acknowledge member’s contributions to the course of the Foundation; namely, sponsorship of cardiac surgery for the underprivileged.

They may have priority of benefit packages in the services of the Foundation.

They shall be prayed for daily by the Founding Members; the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and the Capuchin Friars in Cameroon.