Current Project

The Heart Foundation sponsored / subsidized the cardiac surgeries of three patients in 2011. The target is to triple the number to support in 2012, but our donors and members need to say “yes” to this dream.  Please respond to our funds collection campaign in English and French. Funds Collection First Quarter in 2012 or Campagne de Collecte des Fonds 2012

We appeal to our donors and members to step up their contributions and enable the operation of even more patients. The Cardiac Center has operate operates relatively fewer patients than the number diagnosed; not because of shortage of material or personnel. No! It is because patients diagnosed for surgery are unable to sponsor their surgery bills personally. They need the assistance from the entire human Community!

Stories of Real People In Need

The Story of Seidou is one out of more than a Hundred who have sent us appeal letters

Seidou Moluh is a student at class 4. He was consulted several times and treated for persistent fever and cough at a Hospital in the West region of Cameroon and kept looking for healing from one Health Institution to another until he met a Medical Doctor who suspected a heart malformation disease and referred him to the Cardiac Center Shisong whereby the ECG and Echo diagnoses were prescribed by Dr. Tantchou Cabral, Cardiologist in Shisong. He was discovered with a Complete Atrio-Ventricular Canal with Truncus Type II or Complete Atrio-Ventricular Canal with Transposed Arteries which necessities a Cathlab Diagnostic for confirmation before a surgical intervention for correction of the malformation.

The cost of the Cathlab diagnostic is 655.000 FCFA (€ 1.000,00) and the cost of the Surgical intervention is 3 million FCFA (€ 4.580, 00); the hospitalization fees (Post-surgical Care) could be around 500,000 FCFA (€ 1.527,00); the Pre-surgical care (Lab + Echo Tests + X-Ray) and the Discharge Drugs is about 300.000 FCFA (€ 460,00).

That is not all! Seidou is orphaned of father, and the mother is simply a peasant farmer who educates and caters for a total of five children. Objectively it is a huge challenge if not impossible  for Seidou mother to cover this bill. However, she promised the Heart Foundation to raise at the very most, 500.000 FCFA (€ 763,35).

Someone is urgently needed to assist  so that Seidou can be operated. Further delays will complicate his health situation. (N.B: Please consider 1€ = 655 FCFA) 

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