The Heart Foundation


Our mission is to assist the underprivileged cardiac patients avail of cardiac surgery in the Cardiac Center of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Shisong, irrespective of the patients’ economic condition or tribal origin.

The sickness of one patient is the sickness of the whole family and of the entire community as well.

The Foundation’s Legal Status

The Archbishop Paul Verdzekov Memorial Heart Foundation is an apolitical , non-profit, nationwide Entity, created in November 2010 to promote solidarity with regards to raising funds to subsidize surgery cost for the underprivileged cardiac patients; and legalized on April 5, 2011 in Kumbo  by Prefectorial Order N° 125/AR/E26/PS/118.

Its formation was inspired on the one hand by our realization of patients’ inability to avail of cardio-surgical services in Shisong, and on the other hand, by the effectiveness of solidarity moves demonstrated by the Cameroon Radio and Television Program-Morning SAFAFI, Churches, Social Groups and Families towards assistance to the needy cardiac patients.

Additionally it was learnt that Cardiac Centers in various parts of the world succeed through the efforts of Associated Foundations.


  • To identify cardiac patients at high risk and to assist them receive the necessary treatment especially cardiovascular surgery
  • To raise awareness about the reality and prevention of cardiovascular diseases in the society
  • To solicit funds to support underprivileged patients with cardiac problems
  • To assist the scientific research in the area of cardiovascular diseases in order to ameliorate diagnosis and treatment ;
  • To educate the population on heart risk factors (signs and symptoms) and to empower those living with cardio-vascular diseases to live at their best;
  • To ensure pre and post counseling in case of cardiac surgery.



Our strength and ability to excel in healthcare sponsorship is guaranteed by our donors and members. We have waited for 75 years in Shisong Hospital for someone to assist the patients avail of the services, which we continuously work hard to ameliorate. At this age of  networking, we can no longer watch patients move away desperately  from the Hospital on the basis of their inability to pay bills. We cannot bear to hear the news that a patient on the waiting list for cardiac   surgery, particularly, has died while the family was still raising funds.

We claim some degree of knowledge and experience on the power of solidarity while counting on persons and organizations who are willing to apply this principle as a healthcare enhancing tool.

We create the network, but it is our donors who make the real miracle come true for the needy cardiac patients.

We focus on heart diseases because their treatment cost is comparatively high, and afflicts people irrespective of their ability to sponsor their treatment.

Without the Heart Foundation network, the Cardiac Center will only be used by the rich—a trend which would question our human and Christian vision as well as contrast the Cardiac Center’s mission.

An estimate of 80,000 people live with congenital or rheumatic heart disease in Cameroon, added every year by 5.000. Actually the Cardiac Center has less than 1,000 on its Surgical Waiting List, which      implies that a lot is still undone. Worthy of note is that per capita income in Cameroon is 517,500 FCFA while cardiac surgery costs 3  million FCFA..

According Cardiac Center statistics, 168 patients were operated between Nov. 2009 and June 2011, but only 65 (38.7%) were able to pay above 2    million  of their 3 million surgery bill without external assistance. Others have signed pledges to be paying bills for the next 3-5 years.