Surgical Missions

January to November  2016 / Visiting Anesthetists from Sweden, USA and Italy

The Resident Cardiac  Team assisted by some visiting anesthesiologists from Sweden (Dr Italo Milocco), United States of America (Dr Ellen Marie Dailor) and Italy (Mauritio Mémè) operated 38 patients. They also worked with all the surgical missions to Shisong.




November 5th – 12th  2016 / Bambini Gesu (Italian) Pediatric Mission

The Bambini Gesu Paediatric Mission composed of Italians experts in collaboration with the permanent team in Shisong operated seven (07) patients. The team of five – Dr Sergio Filippelli, Dr Gialuigi Perri, Dr Marco Della Porta, Dr Vincenzo Mancini and Ms Sonia Belvisi gave a lease of hope to the families of children that were operated.


May (1st-7th) and November (12th -17th)  2016 / IRCCS Policlinico San Donato Pediatric Missions

IRCCS Policlinico San Donato Paediatric Mission made up of Italians and Germans experts in May (1st– 7th) and November (7th – 12th) operated 10 and 09 patients respectively giving a total of 19 patients by this mission. Also 21 Catheterization procedures were performed. Dr Alessandro Varrica, Dr Francesco Grimaldi, Dr Camilla Beccaris, Dr Alessandro Giamberti, Prof Silvia Cirri, Dr Angres Mathias were part of the nineteen (19) experts and volunteers that led the two teams from San Donato changed the lives of patients in the Shisong Cardiac Center.



January 15th – 23rd / Leuven Catholic University (Uz Leuven) Mission, Belgium

A second Paediatric Mission from Leuven Catholic University (Uz Leuven) Belgium  made up of ten experts joined the resident team in Shisong  from and  eleven (11) patients were operated. Experts like Dr Filip Rega, Dr Joeri Van Puyvelde, Dr Ingrid Lefevre, Dr Bjorn Cools, Dr Geert Meyfroidt, Dr Marleen Kygnee et al participated in this life-changing mission.


January 9th – 16th 2016 / Modena and Niguarda Pediatric Mission

The Surgical Mission from Hesperia Hospital Modena and Niguarda was composed of Italians experts. This joint team in collaboration with the resident team in Shisong operated 08 patients. Household names like Dr. Ghidoni Italo, Dr. Meli Marco were part of the eight-man delegation from Modena and Niguarda that made the debut of the 2016 surgical missions.


January to November 2015 / Visiting Anesthetists from USA, Italy and Sweden

The Resident Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Charles Mve Mvondo and his permanent team assisted by some visiting cardiac anesthetists from the Sweden (Dr Italo Milocco) , United States of America (Dr Ellen Marie Dailor) and Italy (Dr ) Mauritio Mémè) operated sixty one (61) patients. However they worked with all the surgical missions to Shisong. From January  2015 to December 2015 a total of ninety eight (98) open-heart surgeries was recorded.




November 2015 / Policlinico San Donato Pediatric Mission

IRCCS San Donato Paediatric Mission made up of Italians and Germans experts in November operated 18 patients. Household names like Dr Alessandro Giamberti, Dr Alessandro Varrica, Prof Silvia Cirri, Dr Marco Meli, Dr Gian Franco Butera et al joined the Resident team during this surgical mission. A new lease of hope was given to cardiac patients and their families.


September 2015 / Maputo Pediatric Mission

The Maputo Paediatric Mission composed of two Mozambicans – Dr Adriano Tivane (Cardiac Surgeon) and Dr Ali Zaida Amande (Anesthetist) from the Maputo Heart Hospital. Dr Italo Milocco (Anesthetist)  from Sweden and Dr Fofanna Houssene (General Surgeon) from St. Martin de Porres Hospital Njinikom joined the Mozambicans and operated fifteen (15) patients.  Three (03) Catheterization procedures were also performed.

March 2015 / IRCCS Policlinico San Donato Paediatric Mission

An eleven-man delegation from IRCCS San Donato, Milan, ITALY composed of Italians and Germans experts (Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthetists, Cardiologist, Nurses, Photo Reporter and Volunteers) carried out the first surgical mission of 2015. This mixed team in collaboration with the resident team in Shisong operated 16 patients with congenital heart diseases.


January to October  2014 / Visiting Anesthetists from USA, Italy, Sweden and Turkey

The Resident Cardiac Surgeon, Charles Mve Mvondo and his team with the help of some visiting Cardiac Anesthetists from the United States of America, Sweden and Italy operated 40 patients from January to October. Dr Ellen Marie Dailor, Dr Lewis Diamond, Dr Davide Trevisan, Dr Giulia Magnini, Dr Italo Milocco and Dr Sedat Ozcan are the Cardiac Anesthetists who enabled the resident team in Shisong to perform forty (40) open heart surgeries in 2014.

May 2014 / IRCCS Policlinico San Donato Paediatric Mission

IRCCS San Donato Paediatric Mission is usually composed of Italians and Germans experts. This great team  of sixteen (16) composed of Cardiac Surgeons, Anesthetists, Intensivists, Cardiologists, Nurses and Volunteers led by Dr Alessandro Giamberti in collaboration with the resident team in Shisong operated 14 patients.


 January 2014 / Modena Adult Mission

The Italian Medical Team from Hesperia Hospital, Modena kick-started surgical activities in 2014. In collaboration with the resident team six (6) open- heart surgeries were performed. Dr Italo Ghidoni led the team of four. Dr Marco Meli, Dr Leonarno Fontanesi and Dr Laura Zavatti joined Dr Ghidoni during this first surgical mission of 2014

November 2013 / San Donato Pediatric Mission

Invited by the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis and the Cardiac Centre administration and sponsored by Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo, an Italian/German medical team from San Donato Policlinic – MILAN, Italy and Universitatsklinikum-HAMBURG Eppendorf from November 2 – 9, 2013 operated 13 children suffering with congenital heart diseses.

October 2013 / Adult Mission

A second Surgical Mission from Hesperia Hospital Modena, Italy came back from 26 October till 2 November, 2013. Together with the national staff, 09 open heart surgeries were performed giving a total of 18 surgeries cumulatively with the January Mission.


May 2013 / Dr. Charles Mvondo

Dr Charles et Trevisan ICUWith the assistance of the Anesthesiologist, Dr. David Trevisan of Hesperia Hospital, Modena; Dr. Charles Mvondo could operate on several adult patients, who have been discharged in good recovery conditions. The Shisong/Modena collaboration is active and relevant and is envisaged to make strides as the year rolls on.



April 2013, San Donato Mission

Giamberti Cirri and Charles 201304 147Paediatric missions are rare, but their regularity is ensured. Dr. Alessandro Giamberti and Prof. Silvia Cirri, once more, led the 12 person team to Shisong, which included their collaborators from Hamburg University. Together with the local team, they operated upon 14 children, a ground breaking number in the history of the Cardiac Center. All the patients were discharged in normal recovery conditions by Dr. Charles Mvondo. Dr. Giamberti and Prof. Cirri are the pioneer visiting surgical team to Shisong.





April 2013, Modena Collaboration

Dr Ferrari and patient_0451
Dr. Ferrari on the right

The absence of an anesthesiologist has not totally hampered cardiac surgeries in Shisong. The collaboration with the Hesperia Hospital, Modena has enabled continuous support by anesthesiologists coming to work with Dr. Charles.  April was the turn of Dr. Elena Ferrari, who offered a week of intensive work in Shisong.




February 2013–Finally a Resident Cardiac Surgeon!

Everybody waited to see how the newly arrived young cardiac surgeon, Dr. Charles Mvondo, would operate alone!! With the assistance of the anesthesiologist, Dr. Italo Meloco from Switzerland and the Shisong team, the surgeon could operate on 12 patients successfully. The presence of Dr. Meloco equally enabled the performance of several catheterisation procedures by Dr. Jean Claude Ambassa and team.





January 2013 / Dr. Marco Meli

The Hesperia Hospital, Modena, has opened the first surgical mission of 2013 with 8 team members including Dr. Marco Meli and Dr. Italo Ghidoni. In collaboration with Dr. Charles Mvondo, resident Cardiac Surgeon and team, these operated upon nine adults who came from various parts of Cameroon.

A remarkable donation of a portable echo machine was donated to the Cardiac Center by the visiting team. Funds for this machine had been jointly raised by Dr. Marco and the Lion’s Club, Modena. This gift closely follows the internship opportunity for theater and ICU staff, which the Hesperia Hospital recently granted to the Shisong Staff.

On behalf of the Cardiologists, Dr. Jean Claude Ambassa expressed how much the machine will empower them to diagnose the population even in remote villages like Abongshe and Ekok so that the illnesses can be effectively and timely treated with good results.

As the Cardiac Center staff hails the Modena team for such a grand opening of the year, Dr. Marco Meli foresees more sustainable collaboration with Shisong as the future unfolds.


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