Surgical Activities

Open Heart Surgery

The Cardiac Center has the ability to perform surgeries to repair congenital heart defects. Currently surgical mission teams, principally from various Hospitals in Italy, but also from the Maputu Heart Institute of Mozambique, Sweden, France, and Chaine de l’Espoir, France collaborate with the Shisong staff to perform surgeries on both adult and children. The combination of these professionals adds up our quality service and lends Shisong Cardiac Center an “international” status.

The First open heart surgery in Cameroon was performed in Shisong Hospital by Dr. Alessandro Giamberti of San Donato Policlinic in 2005. Before the inauguration of the Shisong Cardiac Center in 2009, the San Donato Team had performed 18 surgeries in Shisong.

The first by-pass, probably in Central Africa, was performed in Shisong January 2011 by Dr. Italo Ghidoni of the Modena Hesperia Hospital in Italy.

Kinds of cardio-vascular surgeries generally performed in Shisong include mitral/aortic valve replacement,  Plasty, fallot correction, canal repair, VSD/ASD Closure, pulmonary valvotomy, by-pass; etc.  See our results since 2011


The Cardiac Center is also able to do diagnostic (testing) and interventional (repair and treatment) catheterizations. It consists of applying an invasive method to treat several cardiac illnesses, by passing a small wire (catheter) through a blood vessel in the groin and passing it into the heart. The surgeon uses a special type of X-ray to visualize the procedure.

Dr. Jean Claude Ambassa, specialist in the procedure, started to perform in June 2010.  Some of the outstanding interventional procedures carried out on both adult and children include PDA closure, pulmonary valvoluplasty, percutaneous pulmonary valvuloplasty, etc.  See our results since 2010


Pacemakers are a special device used to assist in controlling the heart rate of the patient. It is implanted in the cardiac catheterization lab.

Dr. Tantchou Tchoumi Jacque-Cabral, specialist in clinical arrythmia, was the first Cameroonian to implant pace-maker in a local health structure in October 2010. He implant mono and bicameral permanent pace makers regularly.  See our results since 2010

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)