2011 Scientific Conference

Necessity of a Scientific Committee / Research

As a national reference Hospital scientific research comprise one of our primary areas of concentration. Additionally, Central/Western Africa is at its infancy in cardiology and cardiac surgery; therefore, we trust that our scientific experiences could enhance the understanding and management of cardiovascular diseases in our area.

The 2011 scientific conference of the Shisong Hospital Cardiac Center was organized to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Milan/Shisong collaboration whose first public manifestation was the launching of the Cardiac Center Project in St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital in October 2002.

The full fledged Cardiac Center has been running for three years with the great medical results. Below are the presentations made during the Conference.

Ischemic Heart Disease in Cameroon: Does it Exist? Will it Exist? Dr. Tantchou Jacque Cabral

Cardiac Center Shisong, the Past and the Future, Experience of the Chantal Biya Foundation: By Dr. David Chelo

Management of Pregnancy and delivery in cardiopathic women: Dr. Faustin OnivoguiItalian Society of Invasive Cardiology: By Prof. Bedogni

10 Years of Clinical Progress, 3 Years of Cardiac Surgery; What Have We Learnt Together? By Sr. Jethro Nkenglefac

Post surgical care of patients by Thierry Yunishe

European Association of Pediatric Cardiologists (AEPC). by Dr. Gianfranco Butera

Mitral Valve Surgery in Children for the Correction of Post Rheumatic Lesions. By Dr.Charles Mvondo

Italian Perspective of the 10 Years of Clinical Progress in Shisong. By Dr. Alessandro Giamberti

A Glimpse of the future: The German-Italian-Cameroon Connection. By Dr. J. Weil

Urological pathologies in relation with hypertension: Dr. Ivan Timofeev