We are committed to sharing our learning experiences as a contribution for the improvement of healthcare especially in Sub Sahara Africa.  Besides presentations shared internally with personnel, the following have been published in the Pan African Medical Journal and the Cardiovascular Journal of Africa through the facilitation of Dr. Tantchou Tchoumi Jacque Cabral and Research Team.

1. Extrathoracic Heart in Northern Cameroon: a case report.

2. L’Implication des Organisations Non Gouvernementales dans des systèmes de Santé des Pays du sud: l’exemple du Shisong Cardiac Center

3. Occurence, aestiology and challenges 20110217 in the management of congestive heart failure in Sub Saharan Africa: Experience of the Cardiac Center, Shisong.

4. Pattern and clinical aspects of Congenital heart diseases and their management in Cameroon

5. Pregnancy follow up in a patient with michanical valve possible in Sub-Saharan Africa?

6. The Cardiac Center of Shisong Hospital 2010 the first cardio-surgical Center of Central and West Africa is inaugurated in Cameroon

7. The First Coronary By Pass 20110425 grafting surgery done in Western and Central Africa.

8. Occurence and patterns of congenital heart diseases in rural area of sub sahara Africa