Out-Patients Department

The Outpatient Department opens on Monday – Saturday (except Public Holidays): from 8am 3pm

Patients are welcome for initial consultations and/or check-up visits. Vital signs consist of heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels, weight, and temperature. The patients medical card is passed on to the consulting Cardiologist, and patients will be called in turns to the cardiologist’s office. The cardiologist will review the patient’s history and complaints, and will determine if further testing is required or what medications are to be prescribed. Some of the further examinations include:

  • Electro cardiogram (ECG): It is a test done to see the electrical activity of the heart.
  • Echocardiogram: It is an ultrasound to visualize the structure and function of the heart and the valves.
  • Treadmill Effort Stress Test: It is used to help diagnose different types of chest pains. The patient is connected to a real-time ECG, and monitored constantly as they walk on a carpet, an exercise devise that allows the patient to walk in place. The nursing staff monitors the patient as the activity increases, causing the patient to put forth more effort.
  • Holter Monitor: This is a recordable ECG devise that the patient will wear for 24 hours while going about their regular daily activities with the ECG constantly recording. After 24 hours, the cardiologist will examine the results in making the patient’s diagnoses.
  • Further still, required tests may consist of chest X-Rays and various laboratory tests all available in the Hospital.