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Among the services of the Cardiac Center, cardiac surgery (invasive and non invasive) is definitely the most cutting-edge activity in this region. Before the proper equipmGiamberti children 2013 04 0299ent of the cardio-surgical operating theater in 2009, Dr. Alessandro Giamberti and Prof. Silvia Cirri together with a motivated team of technicians from San Donato Policlinic and San Ambrogio (Milan) had taken the courage to perform the first open heart surgeries in Shisong Hospital theater in 2006 with limited resources and good results.

Meanwhile Dr. Gianfranco Butera (San Donato Policlinic) and Dr. Jean Claude Ambassa (Shisong) opened the page of interventional and diagnostic catheterization in Shisong in June 2010. Below are the major medical services offered in the Cardiac Center. Contact us immediately in case of any question.

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