Cardiac Centre

The Cardiac Center was begun in 2001 following Don Claudio Maggionia’s search for collaboration in a health initiative in CC staff 201303cardiology that would benefit those in developing Countries; basing his argument on the assertion that “everyone has the right to health“. This search was spurred by the death of his sister following a heart disease. If death could still occur given such advanced health facilities in Italy, what more of the deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases in the developing world! Fr. Angelo Pagano, OFMCap, then working in Shisong Parish went on home leave to Milan and was providentially directed by his brother Giani Pagano to meet Don Claudio. As Fr. Angelo listened to this dream he began to wonder if Shisong Hospital would not be a potential ground for its materialization. The then TSSF Provincial Council, with Sr. Alphonsa Kiven as Provincial Superior, accepted to collaborate. Don Claudio, in search for technical assistance, contacted Prof. Alessandro Frigiola, President of Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo (BCnM) who also accepted to collaborate. Then the project began to evolve till date.

The Cardiac Center is both a gift and challenge to the Tertiary Sisters, the Associations and the people of Cameroon! It took eight (8) years to construct; thanks to the generosity of the Italian people and Cameroonians.¬† Cameroon’s Head of State, Mr. Paul Biya, declared it a reference Center during its inauguration on November 19, 2009. Thereafter, the Cardiac Center, equiped with ultra modern medical technologies, brings about a breakthrough in health services in Cameroon with the following : Cardiac Surgery¬† and ASD Closure, diagnostic and Interventional Catheterisation,¬† Coronary Angiography, Diagnostic Coronarography, Pace Maker double and single chamber.



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