Blood Bank

Save a soul with Blood

The Blood Bank Unit stands by every patient in need of blood. But where does this ready-to-serve blood come from?  It is donated by the numerous persons in 58 villages of Bui and Donga Mantung Divisions.  More and more, people of good will also come over to donate blood in the hospital voluntarily. We have more than 1100 voluntary blood donors. 

The international blood donor day is usually a significant celebration in our community, an opportunity we use to intensify the population about the possibility of blood donation as a life-saving gesture since 2010 that the Blood Bank Unit was launched. The mobile blood collection team has an average of 28 outings a year as they may jointly visit a number of villages at one outing. 


Once a year, a meeting is organised for blood donor executive members, representatives from all the villages.

The partners to this initiative are the Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Health, the Pelican Blood Association (with branches in 58 villages), the National Voluntary Blood Donor Organisation and the North West Special Fund for Health.

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