Cardiac Centre

This specialized departmant stands out to reduce incidents of cardiovascular diseases by offering a breakthrough in cardiac surgery, pace maker implantation and catheterisation. By Presidential declaration, it is the reference center for cardiovascular surgery in Cameroon, but serves the entire Central African region.

School of Health Sciences

Welcome to your School of Health Excellence! Founded in 1952, we are committed to training health professionals for quality healthcare as Laboratory Technicians, State Registered Nurses, State Registered Midwives and Nurse Assistants. Entrance is by Ministerial competitive exams for Cameroonians and non-Cameroonians.

General Hospital

Your welbeing is our passion and rationale for dedication! Welcome to the St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Shisong, dedicated to “see and serve Christ in all by spending time to care”. Our long-standing dedication to health care in Cameroon (since 1936) is more of an opportunity than a challenge.