Our Departments

Cardiac Centre

The Cardiac Center was begun in 2001 following Don Claudio Maggionia’s search for collaboration in a health initiative in cardiology that would benefit those in developing Countries; basing his argument on the assertion that (more…)

SECG Hospital

The 75 year healthcare experience of St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital, Shisong makes the Institution a historic leader; however, longevity is not adequate to qualify for leadership. The Institution has gone through a (more…)

Catholic School of Health Sciences

The School of Health prepares nursing, midwifery and laboratory students for professional holistic health care practice, faithful service and ethical leadership as professionals who will advance high standards of the practice (more…)

Our team of over 16 doctors and 350 Nurses are here to giving you the best of modern healthcare to ensure you stay healthy, always

Our team

Words cannot describe our gratitude to your phenomenal staff for exceeding any expectations we had from her (our mom’s) recovery. The team on 2B is as responsive as they are professional, trying to fulfill every request… It feels like we are at a 5 star hotel rather than .

Liban James Banadzim Nkor

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