TSSF St. Elizabeth's Catholic General Hospital Complex SHISONG

Mission: To see and serve Christ in all by spending time to care

TSSF St. Elizabeth’s Cardiac Center

The overall goal of the Cardiac Center is to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by providing quality low cost treatment to patients not only in Cameroon but also from West Africa. The contribution of keen local and oversea collaborators enables the systematic realisation of our objectives.


TSSF St. Elizabeth’s Hospital

We have lived over 60 years of healthcare services in Kumbo East and beyond Cameroon, on a continuum of improvement and development.  We offer a wide range of services from general medicines to pertinent specializations with dedicated international and local staff, focused on the well-being of God’s people.

TSSF Catholic School of Health Sciences

We strive to revive high quality formation of health personnel, who are performant and have the passion to prioritize patient recovery above all. Programs offered include state registered nursing, laboratory technicians and a degree in midwifery.


Our Services



The Chaplaincy continues to promote the mission of the Hospital by catering for the spiritual and pastoral needs of the patients, caregivers, and the staff irrespective of their religion. The chaplains listen, advise, counsel, teach catechesis, and administer the sacraments to Catholics.


Primary Health Care takes care of women in pregnancy and gestation as well as babies from 0 to 12 months through health education, vaccination for immunization, etc within the Hospital and in six Health Centers under our supervision. The outreach posts are mostly found in the Kumbo East District except for Banten, Kouram and Sabongida.

Integrated Day Care

Routine activities ranges from management of HIV/AIDS to Primary Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support of persons affected by HIV/AIDS.in collaboration with BIWON Children’s Brighter Future and Project Hope.

IN and OUT Patients

Out-patients and In-Patients in the various units receive medical attention from the nurses and doctors on daily basis.

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