SECG Hospital Complex

Cardiac Centre

The overall goal of the Cardiac Center is to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by providing quality low cost treatment to patients not only in Cameroon but also from West Africa. The contribution of keen local and over sea collaborators enables the systematic realisation of our objectives.

General Hospital

Welcome to the website of St. Elizabeth’s Catholic General Hospital Complex (SECGH Shisong). This tool is part of our commitment to helping seekers of holistic healthcare know the direction to take. There are three facilities in the so called, Shisong Hospital complex, which include the General Hospital, Cardiac Centre, and the School of Health Science

Shisong School of Health Science

We strive to instil high quality formation of health personnel and motivate them to be performant and professional, nursing the passion to prioritize patient recovery above all. Admission into all the programs is done through a competitive entrance examinations, set by Cameroon’s Ministry of Public…

What else we provide?

Radiology Diagnostic Services

SECG hospital Imaging Center provides radiology services to patients throughout the sub region. Our services include MRI scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, mammograms and more. Call (+237) 699 488 orEmail to schedule an appointment.

Ambulance Service

Leader and innovator in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). For more than three decades…

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